Corretto Officially Takes Over Panevino Space on Capitol Hill Thursday

Julien Perry
Panevino Corretto Seattle Magazine

Broadway’s Panevino has a few more nights of service before transitioning into Corretto (416 Broadway East), a coffee shop by day and an Italian trattoria featuring cocktails and handmade pastas by night.

Travis Rosenthal, who owns Tango and Rumba just down the hill on Pike, took ownership of Panevino in March. He tells me he couldn’t resist taking over (and transforming) the four-year old space.

“With the addition and success of Witness, Bait Shop, Altura and even Nacho Barocho the past two years, it feels like Broadway is coming into its own.  Add in the new light rail station in two years and proximity to Tango and Rumba and it felt like the right spot! “

Rosenthal has 10 years of experience working in Italian restaurants (including Piatti and Il Fornaio), so he’s always had a soft spot for Italian food and drink. “It seemed like a great opportunity to open up that neighborhood Italian spot I’ve always dreamed of—you know, the one with fresh made pastas, great cocktails, fantastic wines where the staff recognizes you. “

He also tells me that Corretto will be doing some “really interesting things with an espresso machine,” which he’ll divulge more information about later this week. Corretto, after all, means “corrected coffee” in Italian. And because Italians rarely get booze or coffee wrong, their idea of corrected coffee comes with booze. 

Correttos on Corretto’s menu will include pairings with grappa, amari, and other liquors as chosen by Noah Momyer, recently of Ba Bar.

Laura Licona, formerly of La Spiga, is the executive chef.

Patric Gabre Kidan, who helped launch Book Bindery and most recently The Rhino Room, also helped Rosenthal bring together the contractors for Corretto and will be busy wrapping up the transition over the next couple of days.

Corretto will be open daily from 4:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. (happy hour until 6:30 p.m.), with brunch and coffee service just around the bend. Once the coffee bar is up and running, Corretto will open at 7 a.m., with the espresso machine chugging away until the bar closes.