Dahlia Lounge Serves Up A Taste of Iceland

Leslie Kelly
Chefs Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson and Brock Johnson

The chef’s not fooling around when it comes to serving up a “Taste of Iceland,” part of a four-day food and music festival that includes a free concert at Neumo’s on Saturday. For the tastiest part of this “Taste of Iceland,” Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson brought a bunch of intriguing ingredients from that island nation, which is roughly the same size as Kentucky. 

For the next four nights (Oct. 10-13) at Dahlia Lounge, diners can enjoy sublime Icelandic free-range lamb, wild-caught cod, wild blueberries and Skyr, a cultured dairy product chef Vigfusson described as “like Greek yogurt, but so much better.”

The special four-course meal--which the chef from LAVA Restaurant at Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon collaborated on with Dahlia Lounge’s executive chef, Brock Johnson--is straight-up Nordic Nouvelle right down to the special cocktail Icelandic Reviver made from small-batch Reyka Vodka.

For starters, there’s smoked arctic char, herring paired with Gala apples and langoustine garnished with spruce and horseradish. Rye crumbs made from bread baked underground for 24 hours dramatically finishes the pan-fried cod creation, while Holmquist Farms hazelnuts add a local touch of richness to the wood-grilled lamb loin. Lemon-y ice cream made using a base of Skyr is served alongside a blueberry mousse, a spicy crumble and a lemon-thyme marshmallow.

The dinner is $65, plus tax and tip, and reservations are required: dial 206.682.4142.