Designer Consignment: MB’s Finds

Large Gucci signature bag and bifold wallet

I don’t need to try to convince you to shop consignment. Either you do or you don’t. Personally, I love it, mostly because I can get high-quality goods for less money and currently I’m in a more-is-more phase of wardrobe building. Which is why I’m excited to check out Mary-Bridget Pehl’s online consignment shop, MB’s Finds, and shop her upcoming pop-up on June 7 and 8 (at 1930 First Ave., right next to Baby & Co., like her Facebook page for more details).

Pehl collects clothing from women all along the west coast and has, up until now, only had trunk shows in private venues. She’s been at this for seven years and has honed her system down pat. A true consignment business, Pehl offers a 50/50 split and either returns the unsold merchandise to the consigner after the event, or donates them. Her pricing structure is based on desirability; Chanel and Louis Vuitton, for example, often fetch close to their original retail value when resold, while other brands may only fetch five percent of less of their retail value, she reports. “It also depends on the age, style and original price of the item,” she continues. “I also take into account the factor that Seattle is not Manhattan, meaning, women in Manhattan will pay a different premium for name brand that Seattleites might not.”

Pehl plans an MB’s Finds site for the future, but for now, you’ll have to find her when she pops up.