Drinks For Movember, 'Amaro' at Book Larder and More Spirited News

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It’s cold outside, but drink happenings around town are sure to warm you up. Whether they be on the subject of Italian amaros at Book Larder (tonight!), cocktails in support of Movember, Peat Week bottlings from Westland or a recent release from Scratch, check out these highlights below to stave off the chill with the fire of a strong drink in your belly. 

Author Brad Parsons at Book Larder, tonight: Don’t miss ex-Seattleite author (I still consider him an honorary Seattle resident) Brad Parsons, speaking about his new book Amaro tonight at 6:30 p.m. Following up on his awesome Bitters, his new volume delves into the world of herbaceous digestifs popular for centuries in Europe, now becoming a crucial part of U.S. cocktail culture. The tome shares stories, recipes (for amaro cocktails, DIY amaro, even desserts) and more. Tonight’s event is a great way to learn about amaro and the culture around it, while enjoying an evening with a charming and fun personality. Plus, it’s the perfect place to pick up the book.

Limited-Time Peat Week Whiskey Bottles: If you missed this year’s Peat Week at Westland Distillery in October, well, that’s a crying shame. However, take heart: for a limited-time, you can still pick up one of the special commemorative Peat Week bottles at the distillery. The three circus- and carnival-themed labels are distinctive and colorful, sure to stand out on your liquor shelves (and so well done that it’s hard to choose which is finest). The bottles themselves are filled with Westland’s Peated American Single Malt whiskey, which brings lush smoke and peat to the palate, along with fruit, grain and nutty flavors. Great holiday gifts for whiskey lovers.

Drink and Support Movember this Month: As it's done the past four Novembers, Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria is helping support The Movember Foundation with a tasty cocktail. The foundation helps raise awareness of men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. As in years past, Tutta Bella’s special cocktail is named after a famous person with a famous mustache, to match the month, and this year it’s the Freddie Mercury Cocktail, featuring Jameson Black Barrel Irish whiskey, Giffard apricot liqueur, lemon juice, maple syrup and bitters. Themed cocktail garnishes like “stashes on a stick” will be featured throughout the month. A portion of the proceeds from each cocktail goes to The Movember Foundation.


Scratch 3 Tea Vodka: Edmonds' Scratch Distillery has recently released its latest flavored vodka, adding to a collection currently containing berry, citrus and pepper flavors. Created by distillery employee Aaron Martzke, this offering is infused with a trio of pomegranate tea, hibiscus tea, and Earl Grey tea, and delivers a slight floral aroma before moving into a delicate fruit taste with a hint of herbal on the back end. It’s a vodka that seems ideal for late fall, where adding it to a little actual hot tea would be a welcome warming treat. 

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