I Wrote About Cannabis Cookies

And no, I didn't even do anything embarrassing
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The Goodship just added classic brownies to their line of goods, and they're worth picking up.

When I was in college, slogging away in the windowless basement offices of our campus newspaper, I would never have imagined that someday an editor would pay me to write about weed cookies. Dreams really do come true!

I kid, mostly. I’m not now—nor have I ever been—an avid smoker or partaker in any illegal substances. I’d like to say I spent my days growing in Northern California rolling joints and partying at the Fillmore… but that was my mom. I was too worried about getting caught… by my mom.

Anyhow, marijuana is legal (here) now. I wrote about the amazingly delicious products available from our local edibles industry in our April issue. My editors asked me to blog about my experiences—readers want to know all the goofy outtakes! But the truth is, I ate my way through an expensive and expansive quantity of edible cannabis products… and I learned that it doesn’t really affect me much. 

I know what you’re going to say: “You’re not trying hard enough!” Now, I thought that was the case when I took the occasional puff in college and felt nothing. But Nicki Kerbs, the Goodship’s head baker, told me a single 2.5mg mint leaves her feeling like she’s had a couple of glasses of wine. There’s no “But I didn’t inhale!” room for questioning with edibles. So I started my research with a single mint. Nothing. A few days later, I tried half a 10mg cookie. Who eats half a cookie?! But I was worried I’d end up stoned out of my mind, in the ER thinking I was dying, trying to explain to the doctors I was a “writer” on “assignment.” I’ve heard the horror stories. But still nothing. So I ate a whole 10mg chocolate bar the next time. Jody Hall’s products—like her cupcakes—are delicious, and who wants to leave any behind, anyway? The experience wasn’t transcendent. I got pretty sleepy and felt acutely aware of my skin.

Weeks went by, I ate a bunch more cannabis mints and candies and chocolate and cookies, and I filed my story. But you guys, I wanted to get high—somewhere between the sleepies and the hospital. Two weeks ago, I went to see Radiohead with my friend. She gave me a 10mg peach-flavored lozenge by a brand I didn’t write about in the article—it totally wasn’t as good as Botanica Seattle’s fruit chews, also 10 mg, so we each ate one of those as well. The show was beyond amazing. Was it extra awesome—that light show!—because of the cannabis? Oh, probably, but I don’t have a control group. 

I should specify that I do not recommend starting with 20mg. I’m clearly not normal. Listen to Nicki and start with one of those micro-dosed mints. And when you do, check out the Goodship’s Higher Education lecture series: quarterly events meant to get (stoned) folks together for thoughtful conversation and cultural events. Their talk about fake news with The Stranger’s publisher Tim Keck on Wednesday was almost as good—in a totally different way—as Radiohead. Judging by the full house, I’m not the only one who enjoys getting a little bit high. Even if, or maybe especially if, you’re in your mid-30s and have two tiny children. And now I don’t have to worry about what Mom thinks (she approves). 

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