Food We Love: The Best Meatloaf in Seattle

A new take on the old-school diner dishes up an American classic

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Some dishes simply shouldn’t be messed with. Meatloaf, that iconic slice of Americana, is one of them. It’s not bettered by international spices or tweezered tendrils of pea vines. Chef Brian Miyamoto, formerly of Restaurant Zoë, Art of the Table, L’Oursin and other restaurants, and now of cutesy new Interbay spot Champagne Diner, gets it: His grass-fed beef meatloaf ($18.95), a menu staple, is cut thick, generously slathered in ketchup-based sauce, and perched atop mashed potatoes, craggy breadcrumbs and charred broccoli. It’s the epitome of what owners Bryn Lumsden, Jacob Edelstein, Angel Azcarraga and Adam Mann (the group also owns Pioneer Square bar Damn the Weather) envision for the vintage-inspired space, open since August: familiar food made with the best possible ingredients. 

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