Editor Bios

Rachel Hart Rachel Hart
Editorial Director
As editorial director in Tiger Oak's Seattle office—and editor of award-winning Seattle magazine—Rachel oversees the editorial operations of Seattle magazine and Northwest HomeSeattle Bride,Oregon Bride, and California Wedding Day... more »
Lisa Wogan Lisa Wogan
Managing Editor
Lisa Wogan’s editing life started with wrangling serial commas for a book production company located above the Underwear King in New York City. After a few years as a reporter for and editor of community weeklies in Westchester and...
more »
Brangien Davis Brangien Davis
Arts + Culture Editor
Brangien Davis has a huge, embarrassing crush on Seattle’s arts scene. Before becoming Seattle’s arts & culture editor, she spent five years as a freelancer, writing arts and entertainment stories for various publications, including... more »
Julien Perry Julien Perry
Food + Dining Editor
The past 20 years of discovering Seattle through its restaurants and bars ultimately led Julien Perry to Seattle magazine as the publication's food + dining editor. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degreen in broadcast journalism, Julien found herself entwined in the newsrooms of CBS in New York, and locally... more »
Ali Brownrigg Ali Brownrigg
Fashion + Lifestyle Editor
Ali Brownrigg is Seattle magazine’s style editor and editor of Seattle Bride. A graduate of the University of Washington, Ali has a deep love for Seattle, its style, anti-style and everything inbetween... more »
Lauren Mang Lauren Mang
Digital Editor + Home Interiors Editor
Lauren Mang started her career in magazines as an assistant then associate editor and managing web editor at Visual Merchandising and Store Design magazine. It was there that she fell in love with writing about architecture, design and the grandiose inner workings of window displays. She has dressed mannequins... more »
Knute Berger Knute Berger
Editor at Large
A Seattle native, Berger has served as editor of  Seattle Weekly three times in the last two decades and authored the popular Mossback column on Seattle politics and goings-on. He is also the founding editor and publisher of Eastsideweek... more »
Ernie Pino Ernie Pino
Flash Talk Columnist
Ernie Pino wears a few hats: For the past 10 years he has been the monthly Flash/Talk columnist for Seattle magazine, dishing the scoop on Seattle's party and society scene. His journalistic endeavors have spanned the pages of various... more »