NW Home & AIA Seattle's May Home of the Month Tour

Come tour a couple's new house in Ravenna, created to fit their style and Seattle’s mild climate. Architect David Neiman designed this home from the floor up (three-stories up to be exact) and features an extra-broad aspect, an open interior layout, punctuated with lots of large, high-set windows which enables the best capture of natural light during our wet, gray months, while the use of durable, low-maintenance exterior materials, such as cement fiberboard paneling, ensures that it can withstand our weather’s worst.  Another important way that the structure literally communicates with its surroundings is via a sophisticated geothermal system that both cools and heats the house.  A geothermal heat pump uses the earth as a heat exchanger, explains Neiman. “It generates 4 watts of heat for every 1 watt consumed.” (A number of other sustainable measures, including salvaging the original structure and creating low-VOC interiors, was the bailiwick of general contractor Tim Coulter of Madison Master Builders.) The geothermal system, along with a solar photovoltaic installation, was one the couple’s biggest design splurges. “It’s a large up-front investment,” admits homeowners Greg Hollon and Brenda Walsh, “but both should pay for themselves [over time]...and it was important to us to reduce our long-term environmental impact.”

Sums up one satisfied architect, “It’s all about creating permeable houses where the interior living space and exterior living space and landscape are really well connected.”

Join us on May 19th from 12pm-3pm to tour this home.

May 19 12pm-3pm

6816 29th Ave NE
Inside Seattle
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