Exciting Happenings at Dry Soda: Slim Cans! New Flavors!

Lauren Mang

I don’t drink soda because, water. (Sorry, fellow Midwesterners, I’ve long abandoned using “pop.”) But for those of you who do, we suggest getting your fizzy drink fixes from Seattle-based Dry Soda, which churns out lower calorie, not-as-sweet (and kosher!) sodas in myriad flavors.

Joining its mix of artisanal flavors (think rhubarb, juniper berry and wild lime) are two newbies, apple and ginger. Plus! The company has slimmed down its 12-ounce aluminum cans, which I can only assume is to make you look super chic as you sip your soda, or make your hands appear larger if they’re really small and you happen to be self-conscious. But what would I, a self-professed water drinker, know?

Tell us: Have you tried the new Dry Soda flavors in the fancy new cans?