Fashion + Style: Behind the Scenes of The Forecast’s Fishermen-Inspired Runway Looks

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Though spring officially doesn’t start until March 20, around here we’re counting March 14as the first day of the season as our new spring fashion show, The Forecast, storms the runway at Benaroya Hall next Wednesday night. The outerwear-laced fashions will be broken up into five themed sets that scream Seattle style, from biking-ready frocks to mountaintop-esque wear.

I can’t wait to debut them all (and will be feeding you pics all week in anticipation), but today am especially thrilled with our homage to our local fishermen look, a set we have nicknamed “Deadliest Catch Debonair”, inspired by the chunky knits, water-proof waders and other practical-gone-chic styles sported by our favorite crab catchers.

On the runway, you’ll spot retailer partner NuBe Green’s amazing in-house State line; I love how these alpaca knits looks just like a fishing net.





This is just one of many local retailers that will be appearing, see them all in action next week; get your tickets today!