Fashion + Style Friday: Rosary-inspired jewels, beer at Derby Salon and the Seamless in Seattle Fashion Show

We’re putting on our own fashion show, plus it’s a jewelry-palooza this weekend!
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In case you missed our big, mid-week announcement, let me bang you over the head with it: We are putting on our own Seamless in Seattle fashion show on Wednesday, June 8!

We’re combing the city for the best up-and-coming fashion designers hungry to change the face of local fashion and once again we’re offering big prizes, winners will appear in a fashion spread in the September 2011 Seattle magazine. This year’s deadline is just one short week away on Friday, April 15.

But here’s where it gets interesting: On June 8, the ten finalists (which will be determined by our panel of judges) will debut their designs on the runway at the Seattle Art Museum. The predetermined 2011 winners will be revealed at the end of the show, with a live, celebrity judging panel deliberating and selecting the winner of our special design challenge (we’re keeping the challenge top-secret until the event, but think crazy materials and time constraints a la Project Runway). Designers will craft one look exclusively for the show in response to the challenge. Read the rest of the details here.

I don’t normally associate the words “hip” and “rosary” but when it comes to Shannon Koszyk’s necklaces, it suddenly works. Crafted from wood prayer beads, the locally-made necklaces feature religious and non-religious medallions heralding the likes of Joan of Arc, or Hercules and Athena. It all sounds so very odd, but looks, so very cool, historical and empowering.  (Plus, I really want the 1905 Indian Penny ring above).

Shannon KoszykShannon Koszyk2 

This weekend, another Seattle jeweler designer, Shamila will be selling her wares at a trunk show at Essenza in Fremont. They couldn’t be more different than the above, but the dainty and colorful teardrop earrings are equally swoon-worthy. Check her out from 12 pm-6 pm on Saturday.


There are a whole host of reasons to heart Derby Salon (one, is the awesome Coy hair line owner Allison Etter launched last year), but geez, here’s another: hang out at the salon on Sunday for Beer as Art, a beer tasting featuring local brews and local art to peruse while you sip. Stop by at 6 p.m., and hey, grab some Coy while you are there too.


New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

A Seattle-based skin care company brings beauty breakthroughs to your door
Goodies from a 3B beauty box

Ke Chen, cofounder of 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders), says skin care in Asia is approached the same way the French think about food. “It’s an art form,” she says. Chen, whose Seattle-based subscription beauty box company launched last year, says this “art form” can include a 10-step cleansing ritual and feature innovative, exotic ingredients like bee venom and snail mucus to soothe and repair skin.


Chen has found that obtaining these elite Asian skin care products stateside takes time and research, which is why she’s offering them via a home subscription service ($15/month), which delivers a collection of Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese skin care samples, such as the Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion from Taiwan and Leaders’ 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask from South Korea. When subscribers find a product they can’t live without, they can shop for the full-size product on 3B’s website (

Local and national focus groups of bloggers, YouTubers and beauty influencers help Chen keep up on Asian skin care trends and determine what ends up in the boxes. You could say that 3B has skin in this game.