Food We Love: Sea Wolf Bakery

Chocolate croissants hide Valrhona chocolate so bittersweet it’s a (welcome) surprise at first bite
The lastest buttery temptations to hit Seattle’s bakery scene

Like everyone else who fell in love with brothers Kit and Jesse Schumann’s Sea Wolf Bakers’ breads when they were baked out of borrowed kitchens—beautiful boules of sourdough, hearty slices of rye—I lined up for the August opening of the Schumanns’ own light-filled Sea Wolf Bakery. (Kit is a vet of neighboring restaurant The Whale Wins, and the duo supplies the bread for chef/owner Renee Erickson’s lauded sardines on toast there.) A limited menu of pastries is offered for purchase at the bakery to complement the largely wholesale business: chocolate croissants hide Valrhona chocolate so bittersweet it’s a (welcome) surprise at first bite, while savory ones are piled with mushrooms—pickled and earthy, delicately flavored with caraway and garlic—and Swiss. Fremont, 3621 Stone Way N; 206.457.4181; 

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