Former Nectar Lounge Owner Launches Massive Industry Rolodex of Vendors

Julien Perry

The guys behind Bastille and Von Trapp’s (and Stoneburner and Poquitos) have gotten behind a new vendor management tool called Tate’s List. As boring as they may sound to non-industry goers, it’s actually a pretty brilliant idea. And before you ask, no, it is not related to Angie’s List.

James Weimann and Deming Maclise are invested in the local start-up from Tate Rogers, who owned Nectar Lounge in Fremont for nearly a decade before selling in a year-and-a-half ago. 

“Tate’s List was an idea of mine that I had about four years ago when I was running Nectar. After I sold Nectar, I started thinking about what I was going to do next and this idea came back to me.”

That’s when he met with Weimann and Maclise.

“James has always been a mentor to me because he owned Ballroom, two doors down from [Nectar], so I got to know him really well. When I pitched the idea to him, I was really just looking for some kind of feedback, confirmation from them, and they both really liked the idea.”

The guys put their heads together and came up with the core of what Tate’s List should be, which is really a dumping ground for industry contacts. Sort of “the little black book” of restaurants and bars to help with some of the major pain points in the industry

“The number one thing that we’re addressing out of the gates is…an easy way to explain it is vendor management. Anyone from a small little neighborhood bar all the way up to the James and Demings of the world, the Tom Douglases of the world; they still have to deal with the everyday decision making of whose going to clean the taps and fix the toilet.

There’s also plenty of space on the website (not quite launched yet) for industry nights, deals, and Washington-made products, like bourbon, vodka and beer.

When I chatted with Rogers two weeks ago, he told me there were already more than two-thousand industry recommendations on the site. So many, he wasn’t able to launch in March as he had previously planned, because there was too much work to be done.

Tate’s List is free for bars and restaurants. And even for vendors. However, the way Tate’s List makes money is by charging vendors a small monthly subscription fee in  exchange for a featured, blinged-out listing.

“What we’re really trying to do is eliminate the number of hours put into researching by showing you who other people in the industry actually use.”

Angie’s List does get some backhanded cred for the idea.

“The idea was really — I guess it came from those type of sites, because what I kept seeing was that every time I turned around, another site would pop up for some contractor. There are so many places on the Internet right now to find resources. Nothing has ever been designed for [the restaurant] industry. Nothing local.”

Look for Tate’s List to launch mid-April.