Recharge in the Pacific Northwest’s Original Beach Town

Walk on the promenade, relax at the spa, and even catch your own seafood in Seaside, Oregon
| Updated: May 20, 2019
Try a new mode of transport in Seaside (Photos by Don Frank)

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Sometimes an oceanside getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city is just what the doctor ordered. For as long as Seattle has been a city, Seattleites have flocked to the ocean community of Seaside, Oregon. The scenic and stress-free shore offers dozens of ways to recuperate, shop, and interact with nature in surprising ways.

How To Relax in Seaside

Start your trip by walking the 100-year-old concrete promenade stretching along Seaside’s sandy beach. The path is more than a mile long and you feel a sense of timelessness walking here next to the beach homes and ocean panorama that cannot be replicated anywhere else on the Pacific Northwest coast. After taking in those soul-swelling views, walk or bike into town for the many massage, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, meditation and facial offerings in Seaside. Ancient Health and Healing even offers cupping, a historic treatment that recently attracted attention for being popular among Olympic athletes.

"There is something inherently relaxing about all the water in town, whether it's the glorious Pacific Ocean or the Necanicum River" says Katharine Stewart, owner of Ancient Health and Healing. "It's a cozy beach town with a nice easy pace that nourishes the mind, body and spirit."

For those who can’t imagine a better combination than baked goods fresh from the oven and an independent bookshop, look no further than the one-two punch of Beach Books plus Dough Dough Bakery, which share a space in the historic Gilbert District of Seaside. Not only can you browse and read in this impossibly cozy space filled with heavenly scents, but Dough Dough Bakery also doubles as a pop-up pizza parlor and wine shop that specializes in in-house fermentation (we understand if you never want to leave – a true gem on the Oregon Coast!).

How To Shop Seaside

Seaside is well-known for salt water taffy and the beautiful downtown stretch of Broadway capped off by the famous Turnaround at the waterfront looking out over Tillamook Head. This iconic street offers clothing, antiques, galleries, restaurants, arcades and, of course, coffee. The Times Theatre & Public House is a great place to catch an evening show and grab a cold beer, which is brewed in-house behind the movie screen. After sitting vacant for 30 years, this early 1940s theatre recently underwent a full refresh and resumed its place as a cultural center in town.

Stop at the Seaside Visitors Bureau for free parking and resources such as maps, brochures and even limited-edition posters from Travel Oregon (Seaside is an official state Welcome Center, too). Plus the giant orange Adirondack chair out front is perfect for snapping a photo with your group.

Of course, the historic resort town offers plenty of accommodation options, including the Hillcrest Inn, which has a huge variety of suites and cabins within easy walking distance of the Seaside Aquarium, downtown, and the ocean.

How to Catch Your Own Dinner

When it comes time to eat in Seaside, consider an out-of-the-ordinary approach to dinner. Go back to basics and catch your own meal! Razor clams are abundant on Seaside’s beach. In fact, 90 percent of Oregon’s razor clam harvest comes from the stretch of coast between Seaside and the mouth of the Columbia River, 18 miles to the north.

If crabbing is more your style, join locals on the 12th Avenue Bridge. Trucke’s 1 Stop on the way into town has shellfish licenses and gear rentals and the Visitors Bureau can provide information on any closures in the area.

For a return to simple pleasures and a healthy burst of R&R, Seaside is the perfect destination. Take time to savor the ocean air, local charm and natural beauty of this beach town community. For more information, go to seasideor.com

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