Gift Idea: A Scooter for your Preschooler

The Mini Micro scooter is mega fun

If your preschooler is anything like mine, he’s in constant motion, loves anything that keeps him that way and is raring to get on some wheels and go for it. This summer we discovered the Mini Micro scooter from Kickboard USA, perfect for kiddos ages 3-5, easy to dismantle, transport and carry for the inevitable “I’m too tired” whine after getting halfway to the park.

With three wheels for stability, easy steering and a low-to-the-ground deck, the Mini is durable, easy to master and a great tool for learning coordination and balance. It’s a perfect pre-bike option and comes in a variety of bright, fun colors for picky little people.

Bootyland on Capitol Hill carries this mighty Mini Micro wonder for $79.99 as well as the Maxi Micro scooter for kids ages five to 11 ($129.99). Scoot on over for a try.