Go Local to the Max

The bees knees. Those little buzzers know what's good in the hood.

Just when you thought buying local couldn’t get any closer to home, it has, and there is already an apt hipster word for it: “uber-local.” As opposed to “local”, which designates food from within roughly 350 miles of the consumer, the term describes food products grown or produced within a radius of only ten miles.

But how to go “uber”? Rather than lugging your reusable bags door-to-door and asking to forage through backyard gardens, go online and check out UbrLocal. This forward-thinking company is running a “test marketplace” in Wallingford through the month of April, during which you can shop on their frequently updated online store for fresh, nearby produce (quite literally), purchase it with a credit card, and then pick it up later on. (The UbrLocal pick-up stand is open every Wednesday, 4-8 p.m., and Sunday, 12-5 p.m., at Wallingford Center). If all goes well with this experiment—and feedback is highly encouraged—UbrLocal hopes to continue developing the idea, with the ultimate goal of providing Seattle with an online-based network that can facilitate an uber-local (and not to mention neighborly!) food economy.