Goodwill Donates Piece to Burke Museum

This hand-beaded vest was dropped off at Goodwill in 2006 and finds its forever home at the Burke Museum

Those of us who love to treasure hunt at thrift shops often dream of finding a priceless score, either a long lost piece of art from an established master or a couture piece from a major designer—something that fits us perfectly or that we can sell for a huge return. Or, I guess donate to an art museum, which is exactly what Goodwill did with a beaded Native American vest donated to the store in 2006. Goodwill announced today that they’ve donated the vest, which likely belonged to the Blackfoot tribe, was made for the tourist trade and dates from1900-1920, to the Burke Museum’s permanent collection.

If you have something that you’ve picked up along your journeys that you would like to learn more about, bring it to the Burke’s Artifact ID Day on Saturday, February 9 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Who knows, you may have a priceless treasure on your hands. Weirder things have happened.