Grand Central Bakery Looks Back to 1972

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On Thursday, June 14, beloved Grand Central Bakery is offering 25 cent cinnamon rolls as part of its 40th anniversary celebration. 25 cents is the original price from 1972, when the bakery first opened. Nothing can quite top that Tom Douglas/mullet picture (above) shared on the bakery's Facebook page, but here's a charming portrait of those early days from the press release: 

...the café’s roots stretch back to 1972, a year when the Watergate scandal broke, the must-have home décor item was a Terrarium, and alfalfa sprouts were the next big thing in food. Three enterprising young moms opened a sandwich shop in the newly refurbished Grand Central Hotel. They called it The Bakery and served up freshly baked whole-grain cinnamon rolls, hot coffee (from a fledgling business up the street called Starbucks) in hand-thrown pottery mugs and sandwiches on whole wheat bread made from co-found Gwen Bassetti’s home recipes.

Pioneer Square location only. 214 1st Avenue S., 206.622.3644;