Deck these areas with garlands, lights and other seasonal decorations, and watch a festive mood take hold

Two scary good drinking ideas for imbibing out on the town, and two for entertaining (or waiting for trick-or-treaters) at home.

Sheri Kinley spends most of her time passing medical instruments to doctors in her day job as a surgical technician.

Sure, you can do the typical haunted house thing, but why not check out some outdoor Halloween happenings away from town?

At last, October is here. String up the ghost lights, deck your mantle with pumpkins and add faux spider webs to all surfaces with wild abandon because it's time to get in the Halloween spirit.

When Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as All Saints Day in the 8th century to honor fallen saints and martyrs, he probably didn’t envision the night before—dubbed All Hallow’s Eve—blossoming into the raucous, i

RedTri.com: Maybe your ’hood doesn’t have great sidewalks for trick or treating, or maybe your neighbors are Boo-Humbug and don’t pass out good Halloween loot, or maybe you just want to do something new and go somewhere different around Se

An infection is spreading through Seattle—one so virulent it threatens to overtake the city’s other iconic symbols (coffee, rain, hipsters in plaid): zombies.