A Handy, Informative Guide to the Mayoral Race

Lauren Mang
Seattle's Mayor race 2013 seattle magazine

Can I first just say how much I love voting via mail? Oh, the hours-long voting lines I've stood in at libraries, VFW halls and cafeterias in my great native land of Oh-Hi-O. So, kudos Washington, on that genius move.

Now, onto the important stuff. With the primary coming up on August 6, it's probably a good time to learn more about these nine contendors vying for the Seattle mayor's office. We at Seattle magazine have taken a more fun, humorous approach to the mayoral race, which you can see here. But for a more straighfoward, serious take, Crosscut has posted an excellent guide to the primary, including a comprehensive online voter's guide and biographics of the six main candidates. It's a great resource for those of you looking to bone up on your local political knowledge before August 6.

See you at the polls...is what I'd say if we weren't all going to be voting in our PJs at our kitchen tables. (You know you will be.)