Highlights from the Seattle Edible Book Fest

Saturday marked the 7th annual Seattle Edible Book Fest.

A few of our editorial interns attended and participated. Here are (at left and below) some standouts among "All the Pretty Courses."

Eh? Eh?


Punning isn't as easy as it looks.

"Butchering the Art of French Cooking" - Cath Carine


"Of Mice and Pen" - Sue Wilson-Schmitz. (This took home "Best in Show.")


"Mix'd Weenies" (after McSweeney's) - Margaret Prescott


"The Fanta Roll-Booth" - Kelly and Aaron Hilst


And last but never least, our very own editorial intern Marianne Hale's "The Invisible Manwich" (inspired by H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man), which got a mention on the LA Times' book blog and the Seattle Times.

Kudos, Marianne.