Hooray For Seahawks Fans!

Leslie Kelly

Three cheers to the awesomest Seahawks fans for braving the elements on Sunday, including a dramatic, game delaying thunderstorm and shattering the make-some-noise Guinness World’s Record at an eardrum-testing 136.6 decibels. High fives and fist bumps all around!

Can some of that effusive enthusiasm be credited to the debut of the 12th Can? Sure, why not?

The new brew from Hilliard’s in Ballard launched just in time for the home opener, as brilliant a move as Russell Wilson connecting on an impossibly long pass.

The brewmasters at Hilliard’s made the beer in a lighter style, so those Cascade Hops really pop. It’s 4.5 percent alcohol, as opposed to the 5 percent and up for most micros, so you don’t have to have one and done. And they’re selling the 12th Can--tallboys!--in 12 packs at their clubby Taproom, which is open Thursday through Sunday. (And, of course, they’ve got the Hawks on, so you could Can Up there on Game Day.)

Love that the official call on Hilliard’s website says the 12th Can “pairs well with victory.”

But, seriously, don’t you think it’s about time for somebody to put together the Ultimate Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Tailgating Cookbook? Sign me up!