How to Run a 5K for the First Time (at 40)

This is not me jogging.

I love to eat and hate to exercise. That’s about it. That’s also why, suddenly at 40, I’m in dire need of a major attitude adjustment. So when I was approached by the promotions team at the magazine to train for our upcoming Earth Day 5K (April 20th, registration is open), and blog about the process, I jumped at it. The threat of public humiliation was the motivational tool I’d been missing! I’m committed to this now. It’s out there. You’ll know if I slack off. This is really happening. Freaky.

I know what you’re thinking, 5K is a run around Green Lake, who can’t do that? Well, me for one. I can’t remember that last time I ran anywhere. I’m the girl who took marching band just to get out of PE in high school. I sign up for yoga classes, pay actual money for them, and flake out regularly. On yoga! On myself. My love of carbs and candy has only been staunched by two pregnancies with gestational diabetes and once those babies were born, you know I hit the M&M’s hard. Are you picking up what I’m laying down: I suffer from stubborn refusal to do what’s good for me.

So, I’ve got roughly two months to flip this script. Can I do it? Join me on this journey to find out. With the help of the stellar team at REI and my mentors at West Seattle Runner, I'll be blogging helpful tips for picking the right running shoe; how to chose a sports bra (very important for this momma); what dietary changes I'm (forced) to make to enhance the experience; various weird Instagram photos from my route at Lincoln Park; and whether (when) I am able to fit into my skinny jeans again.

More details about Seattle Magazine's Earth Day 5K and registration at