Icebreaker: Good For a Day Like Today

Meet Ramo, Icebreaker's mascot. He's cozy.

It's cold, gross and rainy and all you want to be is cozy. Good thing Icebreaker has come to town. Located in the old Betsey Johnson store on Fifth Avenue, Icebreaker is a New Zealand company that uses Merino wool to make a line of clothing that is perfect for Seattle. It's wool, so it's warm. It breathes, so it wicks away moisture from the body and helps regulate body temperature. It's soft, which is nice. And it's cool looking and comes in all the subdued grays and black that Seattleites love to wear.



Their Seattle store, what they call a TouchLab, opened in November, complete with a visit from Ramo (see above). I spied a sale sign in their window the other day, so now's a good time to head downtown and get all touchy-feely.