April 2011

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Best Restaurants
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Hayley Young
This look actually was made for walkin’—and we’re seeing it (and loving it) everywhere in Seattle.
Shalonne Foster
Local fashion website creator Shalonne Foster re-imagines 1960s mod in a globally inspired wardrobe
Designer Candace Cantaloupe
Kick-It Boots owner opens neighboring Ponytail Jewelry, plus a repurposed Mason jar light
Jennifer Lee
New restaurants and swanky bars are adding fresh credibility to the must-see claims of Seattle’s bel
Karen Johnson
Luke Burbank, Hollow Earth Radio and Spilled Milk prove that podcasting isn’t dead.
Elaine Porterfield
If you think your allergy attacks are lasting longer, you’re probably right.
Elaine Porterfield
In Seattle, the MAP test and the new MSP, which replaced the controversial WASL, are part of the red
Maria Dolan
Local green thumbs are using Woolly Pockets and other “living wall” systems to grow plants up, up an
Allison Austin Scheff
Allison Scheff checks out Harvest Vine and discovers that the 13-year-old restaurant has yet to rega
Allison Austin Scheff
Pie shops are hot on the heels of cupcake stores in the every-neighborhood-must-have-one stampede. T