April 2013

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Our best restaurants issue this year is a practical guide to getting the most delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner in Seattle, plus late-night noshing. 

whale festival parade whidbey island Ott & Murphy wines
Erin Bosetti
Join the annual celebration to welcome the whales back to the Bering Sea.
mamnoon seattle restaurants in capitol hill
Allison Austin Scheff
A sophisticated scene and fabulous Middle Eastern cooking thrive at Mamnoon.
Eric Scigliano
A new immigrant story is playing out in Bellevue, Kirkland and beyond.
Leslie Kelly
At Cafe Munir, chef Rajah Gargour reaches for this zesty Middle Eastern spice every day.
new century theatre company the trial kafka
Brangien Davis
This top local fringe theatre company plans an innovative staging of a Kafka classic.
Roddy Scheer
Outdoors editor Roddy Scheer calls out his favorite new gear from local outfitters.
spectrum dance donald byrd seattle dance
Brangien Davis
The renowned choreographer celebrates his 10th year with Spectrum Dance Theater.
food establishment list seattle magazine
Allison Austin Scheff & Leslie Kelly
The 50 most powerful players in Seattle's food scene, plus one to watch.
Allison Austin Scheff & Sara Dickerman
The definitive guide to the best Seattle restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.