February 2011

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Hayley Young
Beauty from the kitchen, produce
Who knew the kitchen pantry could provide exfoliating bliss—as well as dinner?
Eastern reflexology for your feet
Tara Spicer
Given our Pacific Coast location, it’s only natural that Eastern reflexology should trickle overseas
From long hair with blunt bangs to the Emma Watson–esque pixie (plus a hip alternative to the Justin
Mockingbird Books Book Club
Kavita Varmawhite
The latest trend to get kids reading comes from the adult playbook: Create a club-like atmosphere,
Kavita Varma-White
Give Pioneer Square’s Cozi.com a go and the pieces of your hectic life just might fall into place.
Assemble on Phinney Ridge Valentine's Cards
Kavita Varma-White
Before you become intimidated by the supermom in your ’hood who is known for making over-the-top val
Rachel Hart
Rachel Hart sounds off on all things geek in her February editor's note.
Cayla Lambier
This Valentine’s Day, test the tensile strength of your bond by taking a potentially awkward class
Grace Geiger
Savor locally crafted chocolates and wines at the third annual Wine and Chocolate Festival.
DIY Dog Wash
Cayla Lambier
Primp your pooch at a new canine salon.