February 2013

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Indulge your creamiest, dreamiest, most decadent chocolate cravings with our guide to Seattle's dark side. Plus, plenty of candy for your grown-up sweet tooth.

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Photo by Rina Jordan; styling by Malina Lopez
Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita Kirkland Seattle
Leslie Kelly
Chef Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita revels in the melty goodness of her favorite topper.
flutter and twirl mobile for kids room
Ali Brownrigg
These beautifully crafted mobiles would make an excellent shower gift.
urban animal capitol hill vet
Lisa Wogan
Capitol Hill’s new vet clinic features DIY pet portraits.
Allison Austin Scheff
Käsespätzle mit zwiebel-buttersosse anyone?
Fran's chocolate
Jess Thomson & Cody Bay
Our city hosts a bounty of boutique chocolate shops.
David Shields
Brangien Davis
In his new book Seattle author and UW professor David Shields answers the call of his own manifesto.
seattle caramels
Jess Thomson & Cody Bay
Artisanal confectioners are giving candy back to grown-ups with an explosion of handcrafted treats.
theo chocolate in seattle
Jess Thomson & Cody Bay
If we could create our dream box of chocolates, these 10 local treats would be in it.
Jess Thomson & Cody Bay
We scoured the city for its best liquid indulgences: thick, rich, hot melted chocolate and milk.