February 2013

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Indulge your creamiest, dreamiest, most decadent chocolate cravings with our guide to Seattle's dark side. Plus, plenty of candy for your grown-up sweet tooth.

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Photo by Rina Jordan; styling by Malina Lopez
Rachel Hart
Editorial director Rachel Hart reflects on the bigger picture of our latest issue.
Ernie Pino with Ali Brownrigg & Duell Fisher
Dispatches from Seattle's social scene.
trove shop in ballard
Ali Brownrigg
A new vintage boutique offering fashion and home wares.
best chocolate in seattle
Jess Thomson & Cody Bay with Taneeka Hansen
The complete compendium of Seattle’s best sugary treats including plenty of chocolate.
Jenny Cunningham
A Seattle neighborhood's complaints about a "deep green" building raise key questions about zoning.
rumba bars in capitol hill
A.J. Rathbun
A block east of Pike and Boren’s clamorous intersection, Rumba offers a brief Caribbean idyll.
Allison Austin Scheff
Get a taste of the outdoors—free from the rain—on these five all-season restaurant patios.
diver explores wreck in lake union
Kathleen Gleaves
Unlocking Lake Union’s waterlogged secrets—one sunken treasure at a time.
charcuterie sliced meats bars on capitol hill
Allison Austin Scheff
Serving cured, smoked and sliced meats seems to be a hot trend around Capitol Hill bars.