January 2013

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From ramen to ravioli, Seattle is a noodle-loving town. Grab your chopsticks, fork and spoon to chow down on the finest examples of our favorite comfort food. The January issue is not available online in full. To read all of our latest content, including the feature stories, pick up a copy on newsstands. Or, subscribe now and never miss an issue.

grapefruit in crab and avocado salad
Mallory Peterson
Pucker up! This bittersweet citrus is in season in winter.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Brangien Davis
The young Seattle actor has the lead role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Sophie Lee
Where to buy local artisanal handmade pastas.
Seattle Magazine
Helping you get the right noodles for the recipes in our January issue.
Kirkland waterfront home remodel
Shannon O'Leary
The latest issue of our magazine about home design, architecture and decor.
made in sodo designer katrina hess
Ali Brownrigg
Seattle designer Katrina Hess makes superb coats to help cyclists stay dry.
Beef-Shiitake Noodle
Jess Thomson
A warm Korean-inspired soup recipe great for the winter months.
a proposed mine at Bristol Bay in Alaska threatens the world’s greatest salmon n
Langdon Cook
What happens in Bristol Bay doesn’t stay in Bristol Bay: the battle over the Pebble Mine.
The January 2013 issue debuts Paperbuttons, share tools for print!
early seattle monorail duwamish valley
Knute Berger
How would Seattle look if we'd built a monorail in 1911? Pondering Seattle's alternative histories.