January 2013

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From ramen to ravioli, Seattle is a noodle-loving town. Grab your chopsticks, fork and spoon to chow down on the finest examples of our favorite comfort food. The January issue is not available online in full. To read all of our latest content, including the feature stories, pick up a copy on newsstands. Or, subscribe now and never miss an issue.

Seattle geneticist Dr. Mary-Claire King
Maria Dolan
A pioneering Seattle geneticist who discovered the breast cancer gene is the subject of a new movie.
asian noodle recipes
Jess Thomson
The ultimate field guide to the city’s best selection of Asian noodles.
ramen noodle
Jess Thomson
This may change your perception of what it takes to make a good pork stock.
Trimpin seattle artist tieton arts
Brangien Davis
The noted "sound sculptor" unveils two new ways to experience his marvelous work
guardian cellars winery
An unlikely vintner turns out a lineup of luscious wines and a lively tasting room.
Brinca Dada modern dollhouse
Ali Brownrigg
An innovative update to a classic children's toy.