June 2012

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30 Perfect Summer Nights

This is the grown up's guide to enjoying Seattle's (woefully) cool summer nights. Also in this issue: a day in the life of Seattle cyclists and the breakdown on our city's most expensive public utility palace.

Marianne Hale
Take your favorite dishes home with recipes from local restaurant royalty.
Brangien Davis
Three new albums from Seattle artists we love to listen to.
Joe Livarchik
Four Olympic hopefuls in three categories hail from our own backyard.
Brangien Davis
Seattle's first ever science festival brings a plethora of nerdy topics and the one-and-only Stephen
Brangien Davis
Principal dancer Lucien Postlewaite bids farewell to PNB this month.
Maria Dolan
Limited numbers of orcas swim the Salish Sea—and new troubles await them.