March 2012

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Conquering Your Commute

A brand-new bridge, a massive tunnel and miles of light rail: Are Seattle's multibillion-dollar transportation projects enough to get us moving again? Plus, The Forecast in fashion and our spring arts preview

Brangien Davis
It took just one ceramics class at the UW to inspire this clay maven to cofound Pottery Northwest.
Patrick Hutchison
The Olympic BirdFest with the Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society kicks off March 30.
Kristen Russell
The iconic Seattle home makes a strong showing in three local neighborhoods.
A local designer's refreshing spin on the classic gilded tennis bracelet design.
A savvy new coat line brings you outerwear that multitasks as well as you do.
The popular tableware outfitter now has an outlet store in Georgetown.
Brangien Davis
Seattle artist Suzanne Tidwell festoons Anderson Park trees with festive knitwear.
Brangien Davis
A bird's eye view of the best film festivals and film series in Seattle this spring.
Brangien Davis and Bond Huberman
The shows we're most looking forward to on stage this season, including the nomadic New Century Thea
Brangien Davis
So many visual arts events this spring are geared toward the big clay convention coming to town. Her