May 2012

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Small-Town Getaways

Leave the city behind and explore one of these tiny Northwest towns. Also: a preview of Dale Chihuly's brand new Garden and Glass exhibit at Seattle Center.

Andrea Voss’ clothing designs blend classic and cool.
Follow your nose to this boutique fragrance store in South Lake Union.
Brangien Davis
This Seattle couple has an art collection built on personal history.
Sierra Christman
Chic boutiques and charming new cafés occupy this classic Eastside shopping district.
Brangien Davis
King Tut makes a return trip to Seattle—and this time he packed his sandals.
Brangien Davis
Independent moviemaking in Seattle is finally gaining some cred.
Cody Bay, Ali Basye, Lynne Curry and Rachel Hart
Head to the sunny side with a trip to these pastoral easterly locales.
Kristen Russell and Roddy Scheer
Bask in the vistas and stroll the quaint streets of these waterfront retreats.
Liz Hummer, Kristen Russell, Roddy Scherr,
Three sweet seaside oases that let you leave your cares at the beach.
Marianne Hale
Chihuly put Seattle on the map, but a new batch of Northwest glass artists are redefining the medium