September 2011

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Hayley Young
Kate Calamusa and Megan Phillips
Meet the winners of our fourth annual local fashion designer challenge
Three clothing and accessory ideas you'll want in your satchel before you head back to school this f
Two Seattle designers are reaching new heights in their careers with modern structural wear for wome
Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay
A roundup of bold and delicate accessories fashioned by Northwest artists with crystals, recycled ma
Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay
We name the gift shop of the year, and list our favorite gift ideas found at local shops and the cra
Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay
Sweet new boutiques are flinging open doors to reveal shelves brimming with locally made designs and
Kate Calamusa and Cody Ellerd Bay
We scout out the best clothing, accessories, gifts and vintage stores to help you shop for Fall.
Rachel Hart
Recently, we asked movers and shakers in Seattle, "If you had a blank check with which to do anythi
Brangien Davis
Jess Van Nostrand opened The Project Room to invite the public to engage with artists.