It's National Cat Day: Snuggles For All Via Uber

Lauren Mang
Online editor Lauren Mang's cat Wrangler as a teeny-tiny baby

I wake each morning to two very needy and talkative and pouncy felines, so every day happens to be Cat Day for me. But if you are lacking a kitten presence in your life (are you mad?!), then today in honor of National Cat Day, Uber, along with Cheezburger and the Seattle Humane Society, is delivering 15-minutes worth of snuggly kitten euphoria to your office, home, parents' basement, etc. Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., open your Uber app on your iPhone or Android and tap the "KITTENS!" option. You will then--pending cat availability--experience a darling delivery of kittens (plus cupcakes from Charm City Bakery) to love, pet, squeeze and call George

Uber's National Cat Day on-demand kitten delivery costs $20, but we love that all the money is donated to local animal shelters. Since I can't handle all the cute and would most likely add more kittens to my household, you all will have to give the promotion a try and send us pictures!