Kassie Keith's Emporium of Marvelous Things

It's Sea Time. Get it?

There are some awesome places in White Center (a great coffee shop, a cool bar with delicious food, a killer pizza place, some darn good ice cream, an old-school roller rink and some of the best Salvadorean and Vietnamese food in town), but in general, White Center is not known as a shopping destination. Yet tucked away in a nondescript cinderblock building lives a magical place, filled with wondrous things for the home, picked, salvaged, saved, revamped and redesigned by the talented and super-cool, Kassie Keith.


Keith, a former massage therapist, has an amazing eye for vintage and antique pieces, and “just went for it,” jumping full force into the world of “industrial, rustic, odd and unique” curiosities and home décor. She opened her appointment-only showroom in White Center in April of 2012, which is stocked to the gills with all manner of things, including lamps and other furniture she designs and her team fabricates from spare parts Keith finds on her buying trips, religious art, medical antiquities, taxidermy, a spare carousel horse and old signs, mirrors and whatever else strikes her fancy. It’s an amazing place.


Shoppers can ping Keith for a private visit to her White Center showroom, see her stuff at Pacific Galleries (booth 84 on Magnolia Lane), Haystack Antiques in Bellevue (awesome spot), on Etsy, or wait until she opens up a pop-up shop in Georgetown (5951 Airport Way South), where her husband is co-owner of Brass Tacks, on July 13, which is also Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee. Her foray into retail will last through the holidays and will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.