Kick It Boots and Stompwear

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2607 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107


At Kick It Boots & Stompwear, you'll never see painful stilettos. The year-old purple-and-white-walled Ballard boutique specializes in chunky, funky, smartly priced boots made for walking, dancing and real life. Shop owner Angela Rae's favorites are Western, equestrian-style, motorcycle and mod boots from Luichiny, made in Brazil of Italian leather ($88-$198). Contrasting with her kick-ass collection of footwear is a selection of demure clothing. I love femme dresses worn with boots, says Ballardite Rae. Among her picks are Industry's pretty florals dotted with unique buttons ($88-$138). Says Rae with a mischievous smile, My customers don't tiptoe around style. Shopping and Style
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1150 Business Market Street Athlete 2215 NW Market St. Seattle WA 98107 206.783.1670 NULL The new sibling to Market Street Shoes has opened in Ballard! Market Street Athlete has just opened its doors and though not all of their inventory is in yet, a good representation is and the rest will continue to arrive in the coming days. So, they invite you to stop by and say hi and check out the new space and reserve a spot on your calendars for December 15th for the Grand Opening celebration. Get an early peek at what's in store at Oh, and check out their new parent website as well at Shopping and Style
1151 Business Market Street Shoes 2215 NW Market St. Seattle WA 98107 206.783.1670 NULL After 12 years of working in a U-District shoe store and raising three kids, Lanne Stauffer didn't want to commute anymore. So she and husband Ryan partnered with pediatrician Mark Magdaleno to open Ballard's first family shoe shop right in their neighborhood. The friendly space offers footwear for toddlers to little old ladies. Look for names like Joseph Seibel, Rogue, Tsubo and Merrell. Prices range from $29--$180. Shopping and Style
1152 Business Merge 5000 20th Ave. NW Seattle WA 98107 206.782.5335 NULL Merge is like a woman who never seeks attention, yet receives it nonetheless. The fit and drape of her clothes, her understated and well-made accessories, attract the eye and establish that she's sophisticated and accomplished. No doubt she shops in Patricia Wolfkill's sleek, brick-walled boutique showcasing modern classics with interesting details: Swiss mercerized cotton from Elijah to top everything ($150-$220), jackets from New York's Nicholas K (up to $700) and Italian leather bags from Johnny Farah ($500-$1,500), all handpicked by the smart and savvy Wolfkill.

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