Kickstart This: Züpers

Durable and totally cool leggings from Züpers

I have a rough and tumble daughter who is always getting holes in her leggings (the only type of pants she’ll agree to wear). And while I can find them for cheap at Target, boy, would I love to not have to buy them by the bushel.

Local mom Wendy Feller feels my pain, and launched Züpers, a line of durable leggings with built-in knee pads, moisture wicking material, UV sun protection, tagless label and flat seams, three years ago—not only are they totally cute, but they’re made to last, which is more than worth the $30 per pair (reduced to $25 and below for a limited time, read on).

Friday, November 1, Feller launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her next round of leggings. She’s looking for $5,000 for the next collection and while she’s at it, all leggings are being sold at a reduced price, for contributers only, through the end of November.