Leaders at Lunch with Microsoft’s Kim Lowe

This week's Leader at Lunch, Microsoft's Kim Lowe

Seattle magazine and Seattle Business magazine have just launched Leaders at Lunch, a series of lunches at various Bellevue restaurants featuring local business leaders speaking on topics focused on leadership, innovation and civic responsibility. This week’s talk, by Kim Lowe, editor in chief for Microsoft’s lifestyle group of websites and apps, including MSN Healthy Living and MSN Living, will center on health and fitness. This is relevant because it’s still January, which means there’s still time to pull out a New Year’s resolution or two. I always thought that pinning your resolutions on January 1 is a little ambitious—February 1 is a much more reasonable time to institute some changes in your life, don't you agree?

Over what I’m sure will be a very healthful lunch at Daniel’s Broiler, Lowe will take the hour to discuss her personal interest in health and fitness; new technologies that can help kick out the jams; the importance of making fitness a priority in your life; and tips and trends in the health and fitness world (Nuts! Sleep! Small steps!).

I’ll be there, soaking up her wisdom and finding new ways to counter the effects of sitting at my desk all day long.

Just a few tickets left for this lunch. Get yours here and check out our list of upcoming Leaders at Lunch.