Fashion + Style Friday: A Fashionable Flea Market, the GQ Challenge and Quirky Goods Made in Ballard

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It’s Seafair weekend! It’s sunny! Summer has arrived! As you go out and about this weekend, I’ve got three fashion-savvy tidbits for you to log away in your noggin:

I have a serious style crush on the folks at Ballard-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, evidenced by my waxing and waning here and here in the past few months. Allow me to gush for a few more minutes: This week, the dymanic duo released a slew of new designs, including an update to their uber-popular chalkboard piggy bank and the furriest/coolest/ strangest salt and pepper shakers you ever did see. Check out the new goods here.


In case you missed it yesterday, Seattle’s own Ben Huh (CEO of landed on GQ’s list of worst-dressed men in Silicon Valley (which doesn’t even make sense, but I digress…). In classic good humor, Huh responded with his own video challenge yesterday- and you have to watch it, even if just to check out his revolving collection of cat t-shirts.

Flea market fiends and fashionistas alike, get ready: Century Ballroom is launching a weekly fashion-oriented flea market, which will make its home in the ballroom starting next Saturday, August 13th. Organizers are still on the hunt for local fashion designers and sellers of cool antique wares for their indoor market. If you fall into those categories, more info here; for the rest, black out the hours of 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. and get up there to shop!