Fashion + Style Friday: Favorite fall finds from the editor’s desk

As we finish up our fall fashion and shopping issue this week, I seem to have accumulated quite a few pretty things on my desk, which will appear throughout the September issue. And while I am going to make you wait on the other 50 finds until the issue comes out, here’s a sneak peek at four locally-made favorites currently sitting on my desk (which I am loathe to return next week!):

1. Tuesday faux-fur scarves

Okay, today aside, summer has been lackluster this year, so while you may think a fur scarf belongs in your closet until December, uh, it’s Seattle people: I heart Tuesdays’s faux rabbit fur scarf lined with a bright poppy print. The cowl is fully reversible and can be worn as a hood on truly sad weather days. $65 at

Tuesday scarf 

2. Kate Greiner streamers

Next time I throw a party, I’m hanging local gal Kate Greiner’s little streamers everywhere, absolutely everywhere. The chipper little strands come in an array of designs and colors (including the sweet yellow circles pictured below) and are sewn together by Greiner herself. Prices vary, at or Butter Home on Capitol Hill


3. Free Time Industries Chain Gang necklace

They say two heads are better than one, but four heads? Well, the foursome behind Capitol Hill design collective Free Time Industries come up with astounding limited-edition products, including this leather necklace from their Chain Gang series. The super long necklace can be wrapped and worn to suit and is made from scrap leather. Prices vary depending on size, available in small, medium and large, available at Nube Green on Capitol Hill.


4. Stitch & Swash Kindle cozie

Angie Bowlds designed a bag worn by the character Bella in the first Twilight flick. (Is that directly related to I’m taking about? No, but you needed to know.) Now she turned sweet skills to her protective Kindle cozies made from your choice of colored leather and in a variety of designs.  Pictured above, $35 at


Photos courtesy of Stitch & Swash, Tuesday, Kate Greiner and Far4