Fashion + Style Friday: Three (other) local sales to scope out this weekend

Well, the big day has arrived: As Nordstrom devotees know, today kicks off the store’s mega Anniversary Sale (loved this tweet from Nordy’s Sanda Belaire this morning with a before and after-opening shot of the downtown store shoe department! Apparently I should have taken today off of work to join the other ladies). So as we are all in the sale huntress frame of mind today, here are three other sales to get thee to this weekend:


Show Pony

Have I gushed lately about how much I love this store? Let me count the ways: One, the entire rack of Suzabelle’s latest dresses. Two, a great selection of locally-made jewelry, and three: I’m lovin the summer sale that starts today. As owner Stephanie Hara described it to me, “There are sales, yes, and then there are suuuper sales. This, friends, is one of those. Like, if a sale suddenly woke up one morning wearing a shiny cape and sexy boots made for some serious butt-kickin’.” Hara will offer deals up to 70% off summer merchandise, including 20% off all jewelry and scarves, an additional 20% off existing sale items and 30% off Suzabelle’s spring/summer collection, including the darling Kingsley dress pictured above.


Or, if you are inclined to stay inside (momentary aside to harrumph about the weather), type in and shop Julie Wray’s killer July sale, where she’s slashing prices up to 50% off Prairie Underground. (That’s right, I said Prairie Underground. My work is finished here.)

Frock Shop

Also starting a big sale today, Phinney Ridge’s sweet Frock Shop is marking their already affordable, sweet dresses down a whopping 20-50%.