Fashion+ Style Friday: What’s new at Alhambra, Blackbird’s sleek, slim ties and Seamless in Seattle D-Day

Snag a sweet spring tie at Blackbird

Happy Friday! I’m going to leave you with two super quick nuggets today because I’m busy filing the awesome Seamless in Seattle applications as they come in. (Hey, you still have time to get those applications in. We’re at the office until 6 pm tonight, and I’ll take apps via email until 11:59 p.m. Full contest details here.)

I sometimes feel like men have all the fun in clothing (yet, don’t enjoy it nearly enough). Case in point: ties, specifically Blackbird’s sleek, new spring ties. Made in a hand-sewn silk, or with cotton madras, these smart slim-cut ties are great for groomsmen, hip dudes as well as female fashion editors, right? (Right?)

This week, fashion correspondent Joan Kelly popped by Alhambra to check out their new spring garb, and chat with buyer Serpil Kaymaz about hot, new designers. Check out the video by Brett Renville below.

In the Closet with Joan Kelly: Alhambra from Brett Renville on Vimeo.