Holiday Gift Guide, Day 8: All Bagged Up















Bag up that holiday shopping list with one of these locally made bags, which run the style scale from sporty to luxuriously slick: 



Bike/hip bag, Nube Green


This sweet, petite bag from Capitol Hill’s Nube Green is perfect for those spontaneous lets-grab-coffee biking endeavors; just loop or clip the zippered pouch onto your belt, grab your cash or phone and pedal away.



Coffepurse burlap coffee sack messenger bag


We harbor must-have-it-now feelings for Alexa Baehr’s chic Coffeepurse messenger bag crafted from recycled coffee sacks. An instructor at the Seattle Barista Academy, Baehr salvages burlap bags from local roasters, incorporating each bag’s distinctive ink-stamped origin tags into her designs and adding fleece lining and industrial D-ring clasps to complete the perfect Coffee City tote.



Wooly Bison canvas backpack (pictured above)

To describe this functional beauty, also us to quote ourselves from the December Best of 2011 feature: "Spandex and fleece be damned. The era of the fashionable biker has dawned, and new local bicycle-savvy accessories are cycling in, including our fave find, Ingrid Rowe’s Northwesterly Etsy gem Wooly Bison waxed canvas backpack. Lined with vintage striped cotton, the backpack has a tough waxy exterior that’s rainproof (do we have to explain why that’s a perk?), and the comfy, snug straps stay put even through the nastiest pothole mishaps."



Thursday Friday Together bag, Far 4


So, they want a Hermes Birkin bag. So, that’s a tad outside of your price range. So, get them the next best thing from Far 4 downtown: The cheeky Together canvas tote bag with screen-printed image of the famous Birkin.


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Photos courtesy of Wooly Bison, Nube Green, Coffeepurse and Far4

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