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July 2016
creative people in Seattle
Six of Seattle's influential artists and innovators tell us where they go to seek inspiration
New downtown sushi bar offers Japanese-inspired Pacific Rim fare with fresh local seafood
west seattle summer fest
Art! Food! Dragons?! Whatever it is, Seattle has a summer celebration for it
This historic Lake Union gem totally floats our boat
Once relegated to side-dish status, plant-based foods are now unapologetically the main show
Ex-Belltown resturant's sauces all bottled up
Make a lunch date with these fun activities
Hand-etched plates and vases created by ceramist Carolina Silva
Shaped by Spanish roots and a connection to nature, Dorotea Ceramics owner creates unique pottery
Tommy Bahama partnered with Lunada Bay to create vacation-inspired tiles
Tommy Bahama has partnered with Lunada Bay to create tiles with vacation vibes
Naka’s new slant on the hot-weather classic
A flavorful, swoon-worthy sandwich with Venezuelan flair
With warm weather here for the summer, grab your beach bag and hit the shore in style
Why locals will want to flock to downtown's newest hotel
Disease-carrying mosquito not found in Washington, will likely reach U.S. this summer
Shaker & Spear executive chef Carolynn Spence
Shaker & Spear executive chef talks pet peeves and her "Spence-centric" cuisine