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August 2014
Photo By: Justin Bailie/Getty Images
New art in South Lake Union adds culture and context to the gleaming tech hub
Local hotels are sprucing up for guests of all stripes
A new company takes the Airbnb model to sea
A Seattle cuisine dreamer brings his food philosophy to the community
Sidetrack Distillery’s new liqueur is like summer in a glass
Nancy Guppy gets self-ish with artist and gallerist Tariqa Waters
Le Zinc serves up a bubbly bistro feel on Capitol Hill
It's time to head outdoors and get your game on
We spell out a few pros and cons to this new addition to our fine urban landscape
Love ’em or hate ’em, the Blue Angels return to Seafair
Jess Thomson adds her voice to the growing clamor over noise in Seattle’s restaurants
Wild Ginger executive chef Jacky Lo on the art of making the famed restaurant’s fiery sambal
Ambitious plans for a neglected green space sparks debate over Seattle Parks’ mountain bike policy