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September 2011
Photo By: Hayley Young
CHARACTER WITNESS: Indie filmmaker Megan Griffiths gets personal
If money were no object, what one thing would you do to fix Seattle?
Our guide to the very best arts events of the season, plus our 2011 Spotlight Award winners.
NEW ARIA CODE: Composer Garrett Fisher is creating a new genre of note
MASTER OF PUPPETS: Kyle Loven performs a magical hand jive
POP EYE: Troy Gua turns pop culture into high art
HIGH IN FIBER: Installation artist Mandy Greer weaves dreams from detritus
The local designer was recognized for "Best Coat" in our 2011 competition.
This Queen-Anne based designer was recognized for "Best Reinterpretation of the Little Black Dress"
The local designer took home "Best Evening Wear" in our 2011 competition.
This Seattle-based designer has sold a garment to Lady Gaga and taken home "Most Innovative Menswear
This Vashon-based designer's line was named "Best Nortwest-Inspired" in our 2011 competition.
This local, "nerdy and flirty" designer took home "Best Everyday Wear" in our 2011 competition.
Meet the winners of our fourth annual local fashion designer challenge
Three clothing and accessory ideas you'll want in your satchel before you head back to school this f