Mark Duplass' New Movie, Ballard BBQ and Other Weekend Musts

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The Do-Deca-Pentathlon
Opens Friday (7/6) —  The new comedy from writer/director brothers Jay and Mark Duplass (the latter of whom stars in Safety Not Guaranteed and Your Sister’s Sister) is about two middle-aged brothers who embark on an jerry-rigged Olympic-style sporting competition to settle an old score. Hilarious shenanigans and brotherly banter ensue as the dudes compete in a series of physical trials, including swimming, ping pong and laser tag, of course.
Opens 7/6. Times and prices vary. SIFF Cinema at the Uptown, 511 Queen Anne Avenue N, 206.324.9996,;

Grand Opening: The Kippy Ding Ding
Opens Friday (7/6) — Collectors of all things kitschy-cute will love The Kippy Ding Ding, an old 1960s camper recently refurbished and transformed into a mobile and fully shoppable boutique. Peruse vintage dresses, jewelry and accessories at varying locations, beginning this Friday with Fremont's Art Walk; the camper will be parked outside 509 Wines.
7/6, 6-9pm. 509 Wines, 1300 North Northlake Way.

Heaven and Earth IV
Ongoing (daily) — Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) presents its fourth annual Heaven & Earth show, a season-long art exhibit staged entirely outside in Seattle’s Carkeek Park. Walking among the park’s streams, orchids, beaches and forest, visitors can encounter up to 20 installations by artists exploring heady themes pertaining to nature and its finite resources.
Park is open daily 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Free admission. 950 NW Carkeek Park Road;

Intiman Theatre Festival
Opens Wednesday (7/11-8/26) — It’s been a over a year of planning and promises—and finally, the Intiman is back with its much-anticipated new theater festival. A repertory company of local actors perform in four different plays, including Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, directed by Allison Narver and, from a completely different universe, Miracle!, Dan Savage’s new play about the Seattle drag scene in the ’90s.
7/11–8/26. Times vary. $30 per play. Intiman Theatre, 201 Mercer St.; 800.745.3000; complete schedule at

Ballard’s Barbecue Revolution
The neighborhood formerly known for Swedes has taken a turn toward the American South of late, with several new spots boasting grilled goodies slathered in spicy sauce. Dig in, but don’t forget your napkin. Food editor Allison Austin Scheff recommends three spots serving up great ’cue now, and a fourth on the way.