Michael Cepress is Having a Show

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One of my most fave local designers, Michael Cepress, is hosting a show on June 21 at the Century Ballroom, featuring both men’s and women’s collections. This is excellent news for those of us ladies who love his menswear so much that we’ve considered having him make us a suit just to get to work with him.

The name of the show is American Dreaming, which Cepress describes as being inspired by “the American counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s—a particularly magical moment in our country's history that has given me fuel and freedom in the studio for as long as I can remember for it’s spirit of aesthetic liberation, gender-freedom, multiculturalism and embracing time-tested-and-honored craft traditions.”

Cepress has chosen “hand woven ikats from India, multicolored stripes from Sri Lanka paired with traditional American work wear fabrics" for a “swirl” of looks that are a tribute to the vibe of Haight-Ashbury scene. “The women’s wear in particular does this, I think, with its high-necked cotton dresses set beside bold geometric cut caftans and kimonos of layered organza and textured raw silks. In some cases a single garment in the women’s collection is made of over 8 yards of fabric, reminding women that feeling beautiful can certainly be found by way of miles of luxurious cloth on your body.” 

Get your ticket for what promises to be an amazing evening of fashion inspiration. ASAP.

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