Mind the Gap: How to Wear a Fitted Blouse

The Vanity in red, $185

A well-fitted button up shirt can do wonders for a woman’s figure, in my humble opinion. Done right, it buttons without gaping, hugs the lines of her back and sides without bulging, shows off her lovely hourglass shape and strikes a very sophisticated and polished cut of her jib. Too often, though, the fit is not correct, and both gaps and bulges are present, which is probably why many women have sworn off fitted tops that button up the front. I know I have for the most part, opting instead for looser fitting blouses and knitted tops.

Enter Farinaz Taghavi, an Iranian-born designer who offers an array of fitted shirts in her eponymously named Bellevue Square boutique. Taghavi, who launched her first shirt line in 2002, outfits women sizes 0-18 in tops that range from simple, crisp white cotton to jewel tones in silk/spandex. Her forte, though, is encouraging women of all sizes to embrace a fitted shirt by offering free alterations with the purchase of one of hers. This complementary service has garnered her a legion of fans, many of whom have dozens of Farinaz-brand shirts in their closets.

“Many women are challenged to find a great fitted shirt that accentuates the feminine figure,” she says. “I always tell them not to be afraid to wear a shirt that fits your body closely; a close fit is sexy, trimming, and super flattering. I believe that if a shirt fits close to your body it is way more flattering than a loose fit, regardless of your size. A great shirt will make you feel confident and happy—and what is more appealing than that?”

Taghavi also design knitwear and dresses. Her shirts start at $98.